CHESHAM ARTS TRAIL - Information for Artists

The artists are coming back!

Saturday 6 - 20 April 2013

The town-wide exhibition will be a celebration of Chesham and all the art being created here. The aim is to raise awareness of our town's many artists and encourage people to start talking about and even making art: helping people look with new eyes at their town and community.

Chesham's independent shops, cafes and community areas will be exhibiting works of art (based loosely on the theme of Reasons to be Cheerful) by Chesham artists, sculptors and craftspeople. Together they will create an art trail leading throughout the town, creating one huge art gallery the size and shape of Chesham!

CALL TO CHESHAM'S CREATIVE COMMUNITY:  collaborators wanted for making more fantastic street-art for the exhibition!  Weekly drop-in sessions are now being held Thursday evening from 7-9pm in central Chesham.  Contact to find out how to take part.

Participating artists in RTBC2012:

Saskia Spencer,  Mary Pomeroy and Chesham Arts and Crafts at Blue Haze

Chris Sims and Tom Felix at JPS Stationers

Christine Maciocia at The Drawingroom

Antonia Glynne Jones at Domesco and the Elgiva

Barbara Spruytenburg at HealthRight

Lynne Jones at Orbitpress

Anne Crabbe at AKK Drycleaners

Louise Hickman at Flix Hairdressing and Beauty

Adrian Lacey at Karolina's

Barbara Sedassy at Godden's Butchers

Barbara Sedassy at York House Dentist

Janet Dineen (of Chesham Arts and Crafts) and Carol Mencel at Darvells

The WorkAid Exhibition at The Workaid Shop

Phil Long at Gerry Martin's

Bernie Grist at the Flowerpot 

Barbara Sedassy at Chiltern Chairs

Jeannelise Edelsten at Total Look Home and You

Helen Boden, Denise Williams, Madeleine Fletcher and Esther Moe at Lacey's Yard

Nicola Bridges at Chesham Cameras

Hilary Sussum at Rennaisance Menswear

Christine Fortune at En-Route

Lucy Wynne at Cuisine Delights

Stephen Lumby and Philip Youd at Lucia's

Tony Moody at Brazils

The Students at Chesham's Adult Learning Centre

David Rodgers and Mary Gamester at Chesham Museum

James Britton at Optomeyes

Karen Dunton at Perfect Pitch

Helen White at Sophie's Chocolates

The Birchwood Painters at Chesham Library

Rachel Apps and Ada Darmon at Harvey Johns

Diana Copeland at Cox the Saddler

Margaret Mee at Fastbreak Sports

Sean Waite and Niki Bell at Chesham Fruit

Tony Moody and the White Hill Painters at The Elgiva

Artists are listed in the Chiltern Arts Network directory

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